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Inauguration of Virtual Ceramic Connect

China International Exhibition for Ceramics Technology, Equipment and Products (Ceramics China) welcomes her 35th anniversary during July 27-30, 2021. In the meanwhile, the online expo of Ceramics China 2021 named Virtual Ceramic Connect opened on the same day. It was created by China Ceramic Industrial Association and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Messe Muenchen India, powered by CERAMICS CHINA, INDIAN CERAMICS ASIA and CERAMITEC, supported by various global ceramics associations, setting up an online commerce matchmaking platform for global ceramic industry insiders and fully promoting the integration of online and offline exhibitions.


Over 160 exhibitors and 2117 buyers took part in the online expo on the first day. To better showcase their products, plenty of exhibitors had uploaded their promotional videos, pictures & introduction of exhibits as well as their company profiles. To attract more buyers to watch their live streaming, most of them made broadcast plans and had live test in advance to present their exhibits in the best way.


Exhibitor’s Showroom with Features

The exhibition ranged in full industrial chain, including showcasing their state of the art innovations and know-how of raw materials, decorative materials, refractory and abrasives, machinery and equipment, environmental technology, spare parts, molds, tools and design services.With colorful images and distinctive promotional videos, a wonderful visual feast appeared for ceramic industry buyers.


Live Broadcast with Different Ways

In the beginning, exhibitors had live broadcasts one after another. There are several ways to broadcast. For instance, they can start real-time broadcast and then have interaction with buyers, which amplified their business opportunities. Or they can upload videos for loop playback, so that exhibitors could showcase the best part of their companies, attracting lots of buyers through live streaming.


Buyer Interaction withPurchasing Demand

In spite of broadcast, there are still several ways for exhibitor and buyers to interact such as sending message, having real-time video call and making video appointment. On the first day, the cumulative number of live broadcast rooms is 308, the cumulative number of visitors is 2,117, and the cumulative duration of live broadcast is 157; the cumulative number of chat messages is 621, the cumulative number of videos is 339, and the cumulative number of calls is 43.

Exhibitor Interview withLatestInformation

During the exhibition, Mr. YU Yueming, the leading main stream media Ceramic News COO and Mr. Ken Wong, General Manager of Unifair (Shenzhen) Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd. conducted interviews separately with many exhibitors during two hours. Through exhibitors’ interviews, buyers cannot only visit the latest products but also the advanced technology as well as attaining industry trend. Besides, organizers could hear the voice and expectations from exhibitors.


Virtual Ceramic Connectwill continue the chapter of Ceramics China 2021 and last to August 26.During the period, welcome all exhibitors and buyers to use the platform for business exchange.

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